Our Story

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All about me

Hello, My name is Louise, and along with my Husband, we made a husband and wife team in filming weddings.

Originally we came from Kidderminster in Worcestershire, and in 2007, we moved to North Devon. We moved the business down with us, not expecting too much, but we were suddenly very busy.

Over the years, we have worked in some amazing venues, in both North Devon and also in Cornwall.

I started by helping my husband when he filmed weddings in The Midlands. I discovered that I actually enjoyed filming weddings, and decided to become a professional videographer. I have been filming weddings since 2005.

My husband’s background is in TV and film. He has also been filming weddings for over 30 years, and with his help and guidance, I have become more passionate about weddings.

We understand that every wedding is different, and our couples ask for different things on their day. This is why we believe in giving them the personal touch.

Our Style

Here at South West Films our wedding videography style is very modern and we capture the atmosphere of your day, which is the biggest day of your life. It goes so fast so take time to enjoy it and we will record those memories for you. We are very discreet and get our shots in many occasions without you knowing. We want your day to be calm and as stress free as possible. We do not take up all your time with endless posing and staged shots.

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